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Karnataka minister who was caught watching obscene pictures claims he was reading TOI online

13, Nov 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: Recently one Karnataka minister was caught watching obscene pictures during Tipu Jayanti celebration. This has given opposition BJP a chance to corner ruling congress which made a lot of hue and cry few years back when BJP ministers were caught doing the same inside assembly.

Just browsing TOI

Like the old BJP ministers, the Karnataka minister has denied the allegations strongly. “First of all, why I would watch such stuff on a 5-inch smartphone, when I have an iMac with 100 mbps dedicated internet line at home”, said the minister with an angry tone while speaking to us.

The minister added, “There is no time for people like me to read newspapers. While attending functions, if I get some time, instead of sleeping on the dais, I go through some online newspapers.”

“Probably when I was going through TOI (The Online India), some mischievous journalist took the video and shared with opposition and news channels. My question to all my detractors, where it is written, one cannot read a widely circulated daily like TOI when you are at public places. In fact, I would say it was an off day for the newspaper by its own high standard. There was hardly anything for excitement”, said the minister.

The minister said, “If these people are so concerned, what our kids are learning from this, then let them bring certain level of censorship. For some pages they can easily do an adult check in online version, through GPS they can track the place from where one is accessing and put a warning i.e. to watch such stuffs, go to your private area immediately. Even better, they can ask newspaper to bring a separate edition only for private viewing, oops sorry, private reading by adults only.”

The minister also showed us the requests he has got from his colleagues cutting across party lines to share the link.