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After Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, Kerala calls for a bandh to maintain reputation as ‘Bandh capital’, reason to be decided later

16, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Thiruvananthapuram: After state wide bandhs in the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, another state in South India is planning a bandh. In a strange move, Kerala government itself has called for a bandh in the state as it fears that they are losing their tag as the most bandh friendly state in the country.

The profession bandh experts are coming!

After Karnataka bandh to protest against SC judgment on Cauvery water dispute, state of Tamil Nadu is observing a bandh in protest and Kerala fears that they are encroaching upon Kerala’s territory. The bandh has been scheduled for Monday; the official reason for the bandh hasn’t been given yet and will be decided over the weekend.

“There was a time when strikes and bandhs were synonymous with Kerala. Now we have had two bandhs in a week in southern part of India and we didn’t call even one of them. This is embarrassing for us and really hurts our reputation. As the state government, it is our duty to maintain the state’s culture and that is why we are calling for this bandh. We will show these amateurs in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu how to call a real bandh”, a Kerala state government official said.

“We haven’t yet decided what the official reason for the bandh will be but I am sure we can come up with one during the weekend. Kerala also has a claim on Cauvery water so we can always cite that as a reason. However, we don’t want to use the same reason that these other states have already used, as professionals, we must do better than them. We have called a brainstorming session on Sunday where we will finalize the reason for the bandh”, the official added.

Meanwhile, opposition parties in Kerala have called for a bandh the day after Kerala government’s bandh. “What will opposition parties do if government starts calling for a bandh? To protest against this bandh, we have called for a bandh”, a leader of the opposition front said.