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Karunanidhi changes his name as it had Sanskrit origins and thus against Tamil culture

04, Sep 2014 By ndutt

Chennai. DMK boss Karunanidhi today gave a sharp reply to his critics who were calling him a hypocrite for his Sanskrit originating name despite being a virulent opponent of everything Sanskrit, Hindi, and Hindu.

In a move that comes as a slap on all Hindi speakers, he changed his name from Karunanidhi to Compassion. Karunanidhi alias Compassion, later clarified that he was not aware that ‘Karunanidhi’ was a Sanskrit word, else he would have taken this decision long back and helped Tamil Nadu reach new level of self-respect and self-awareness.

“I am genius”

Sources tell Faking News that Karunanidhi was browsing Facebook early the morning on his smartphone, when he came across a post that described the meaning and origin of the word ‘Karunanidhi’.

The 90-year-old leader immediately flung the phone on the floor with his full force. Out of acute pain, which arose out of this insult to his self-respect, he emitted such a deep and loud cry that people up to the distance of 5 kms were forced out of their sleep. Doctors had to give him sedatives and sleeping pills to control the situation.

But within one hour, he regained his consciousness and ordered for a press conference. He immediately announced that he was changing his name to Compassion to save the Tamil culture. On being asked what the relation is between Tamil culture and the English word Compassion, he didn’t say anything.

When this Faking News reporter asked, “How the word Karunanidhi is against Tamil culture?” Karunanidhi angrily shouted – “DON’T SPEAK THAT WORD.”

Post this revelation by the party patriarch, some DMK supporters are now claiming that they lost the last elections due to the word Karunanidhi’s relation with Sanskrit.

“But better late than never. We have again shown that DMK is the only party which respects Tamil culture. We have left AIADMK miles behind. We challenge Jayalalithaa to change her name,” said an excited supporter of DMK.

If sources are to be believed, Jayalalithaa is very worried due to this incident and is contemplating a similar name change process to show that AIADMK also respects Tamil culture.