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Kashmiri separatists laud 800 Valmikis for converting to Islam, ask Pandits to learn from them

15, Apr 2015 By indianpsycho

Srinagar. Immediately after more than 800 Valmikis converted to Islam in SP leader Azam Khan’s constituency Rampur of Uttar Pradesh to prevent their houses from getting demolished, Kashmiri separatists lauded their move and hailed the effort taken by them to save their houses.

However not just stopping at that, the separatists asked Kashmiri Pandits to take a cue from these Valmikis and learn from this incident.

“All this talk of Kashmiri Pandits being extremely attached to their native homes is bullshit. If they really were so desperate to save their homeland and houses, they would not have thought twice before doing what Valmikis did,” veteran separatist Yasin Malik told Faking News.

“In fact these Pandits chose their faith over their homes. For them their religion came first,” he continued.

“And it is because we didn’t want Kashmir to turn into a non-secular place; some of us were forced to drive these communal species out of the valley with heavy heart,” he further claimed.

Yasin's reaction when asked if he would advise same to Muslims in Gaza.
Yasin’s reaction when asked if he would advise same to Muslims in Gaza.

To further strengthen his claims, Malik pointed to frequent stone pelting incidents that people of his ilk had to unfortunately resort to.

“Our brothers tried to get a response out of them many a times by throwing stones at their houses, windows etc. If they had even little bit of attachment to their property, they would have reacted or revolted, but they didn’t. It further confirmed our doubts that for them religion is more important,” Yasin said.

“In fact we love their property more than they ever loved it,” he said pointing to the number of Kashmiris staying in those houses now.

Separatists however claimed that the offer to come back was still on for Pandits if they mend their ways.

“If they do what Valmikis did in Rampur, that would prove their love for their homeland and we would immediately vacate their houses,” said another separatist cum terrorist Masarat Alam.

“Also it would be the real ghar wapsi,” he chuckled.

The separatists further offered those houses to those 800 Valmikis in case Pandits choose to remain communal.

“We have been hearing that even after embracing Islam, these 800 Valmikis could still be forced to vacate their places. In that case, they can come and live with us in Kashmir in harmony. This proves we are definitely not heartless,” Alam added.