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Kejriwal asks Center to run "Vayudoot" trains for bringing fresh air from other states to Delhi

28, Apr 2016 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi. In a scathing attack against the Center and the Prime Minister, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has demanded Modi to work with other states and make them send “Vayudoot” trains to Delhi i.e. trains carrying fresh air  from scenic parts of the country, in order to fight the state’s pollution which seems unaffected by the odd-even rule.

Kejriwal started with a question as he spoke to Faking News. “When Modi can send water to the drought-affected areas, why can’t he send fresh air from serene  places like Uttarakhand, Ooty and Kodaikanal?” he asked the PM in what seemed like a direct attack on him.

Arvind Kejriwal
“Look at these people breathing fresh air, can’t they help Delhi people?”

“Those trains can directly run around Delhi and pump fresh air in the atmosphere, and thereby, sustain Delhi’s biosphere,” said Kejriwal as he continued to explain the reason behind his suggestion.

The demand by the AAP supremo and Delhi CM is reported to be inspired by Jaldoot trains run by the center, which ferries water to drought hit areas.

Neutral experts say that the demand is not absurd and the center should think about it.

“Don’t we have oxygen cylinders?” a neutral expert cum independent commentator explained, “The idea of carrying air for breathing where it is in scarcity is perfectly scientific, and so is the idea to have Vayudoot trains. Delhi is not too far away from places like Shimla and Nainital, which are well connected with railways, so execution shouldn’t be a problem.”

Delhi CM praised the independent commentator and re-tweeted the neutral expert before revealing that the massive ads given by the Delhi government were actually a part of this plan to demand Vayudoot trains.

“Our ads about odd-even have been aired on national television channels and we have even given print ads in local newspapers of many states. Now all these states know our problem. They must come together and help us. If they don’t do it, we’ve to conclude that woh sab mile huye hain,” Kejriwal said, appealing for help.