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Kejriwal asks for proof against Sheila Dixit, BJP gives CD of his own speeches

03, Jan 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. BJP today sent a CD containing speeches of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal as a proof of corruption by former Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dixit. Earlier in a press conference, Kejriwal had asked BJP leader Dr. Harshvardhan to send him proof of Sheila Dixit being involved in various scams.

According to reports, Kejriwal initially refused to accept the CD as he claimed that Dr. Harshvardhan was insulting the aam aadmi by acting in a privileged manner.

Arvind Kejriwal
Arvind Kejriwal recalls his earlier statements as India Against Corruption member

“He may be the leader of opposition, but he should act as an aam aadmi. He should wait till we announce the hotline number to report corruption,” the Delhi CM is reported to have said.

Kejriwal is further reported to have argued that the real Chief Minister of Delhi were the 1.8 crore more aam aadmis, and thus the CD should be delivered to all of them if BJP wanted to directly reach the Chief Minister.

However, he quickly added that he was not going soft on Sheila Dixit post the election victory, and he will definitely take up the issue.

“If required, we will conduct mohalla sabhas and seek referendum of people to decide what needs to be done with the former Delhi CM,” he said.

“See, even if it is me in the videos, it cannot be taken at face value as what ultimately matters is what the janta feels about Sheila ji,” he explained.

When this Faking News reporter asked him if he saw the video clips and what he thought about his own earlier statements, Delhi Chief Minister claimed that “no corrupt one will be left unpunished” and left because he had some important work to do like giving subsidy relief to the aam aadmi.

Faking News then got in touch with Yogendra Yadav to get his opinion. After watching the clip, he felt that the person in the video resembled Kejriwal but the content of the CD needed to be audited in order to come to a conclusion.

“We have earlier been a victim of a fake sting operation so we can’t blindly believe what we see,” the party strategist said, “Further, you have to see everything in a context. Those direct attacks on Sheila Dixit were at a time when they were necessary for political revolution, now the situation has changed.”