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Kejriwal blames Modi for his gaffe of paying homage to 3 RTI activists who are alive

10, Mar 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Under attack from everyone but AAP supporters, for paying homage to 3 RTI activists who are alive, Arvind Kejriwal has now blamed Narendra Modi for the goof up.

While campaigning in a press conference, Kejriwal claimed that it was Modi who misguided him and told him that those RTI activists were dead after he asked Modi about their details.

“Sachaai ke raaste pe takleef toh hoti hi hai ji,” Kejriwal said this some 200 times in the conference.

“Since I was to talk about RTI activists from Gujarat, I requested Modi ji’s office to send me their details. I was first shocked to see Modi himself sending an email to me but was later happy that aakhir ek aam aadmi ne shaasan dula hi diya. However the information in the mail turned out to be wrong,” Kejriwal told media.

“Everybody knows how poor Modi’s history is. He has been under severe criticism for same many times. This time his lack of history knowledge proved costly for me too. Yeh toh wohi baat hui na ji, ki hum toh dubenge hi tumko bhi le dubenge,” Kejriwal went on to add.

Kejriwal however accepted that being an RTI activist himself, he knew how endangered their lives were and thought Modi must be right and all of them must have been murdered by goons.

“And everyone knows that I believe in internet, so I went with Modi’s mail and made the blunder,” Kejriwal further added.

When asked to show the proof of the email sent by Modi, Kejriwal first insisted that a word by an honest person like him should be enough. But when persisted he claimed he trashed it after confusing it for another spam mail from Somnath Bharti.

Meanwhile AAP supporters hailed Kejriwal on Social Media for showing guts to accept his mistake and attacked Modi for his malicious attempt to defame their leader.

Maudy is scared of Kejariwall’s claims that is why he is not responding (sic)” read a tweet by Ashutosh.