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Kejriwal blames Modi for Gurgaon flooding, says 'Modi wants to drown me, so going to Nagpur for Vipassana'

29, Jul 2016 By @jurnoleast

The Delhi CM has left for Nagpur for Vipassana but not before blaming Narendra Modi for the flooding in Gurgaon. Speaking to Faking News Mr. Kejriwal said, “Did I not tell you a few days back that Modiji is very angry and frustrated and wants to bump me off. This flooding in Gurgaon is all his doing. He wants to drown me. But I will not be cowed down.”

"Now Modi wants to drown me"

The Delhi CM, at his aggressive best, said that such conspiracies against him wont yield anything.

When questioned about his plan to deal with the conspiracy, he flashed his flight ticket and said, “I am off to Nagpur for Vipassana. Don’t want to stay here for a second more. There is threat to my life. Besides i would like to have some peace. Need to get rid of this negativity.”

BJP has not given any official statement but a senior party leader, “He is always on tenterhooks. So hopefully this Vipassana course will calm him down and he’ll come back a sane person.”

Many AAP party workers were also surprised as Kejriwal deviated from protocol of reviewing Friday movie release and headed to Nagpur.