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Kejriwal condemns Delhi Police for manhandling Yogendra Yadav, says bouncers should have been used

11, Aug 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After condemning Delhi Police for manhandling and allegedly beating up former AAP leader and activist Yogendra Yadav, who was leading farmer’s protest, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has now argued that bouncers could have been used to kick Yadav out of Jantar Mantar.

“Bouncers are very human friendly people. I use their services time to time,” Kejriwal claimed as he recalled those meetings when bouncers were called to throw Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan out.

“I must come back to AAP,” Yogendra Yadav thinking.

“Instead of sending barbaric Delhi Police after Yogendra ji, Rajnath Singh and Modi’s agent cum Lt Governor Najeeb Jung could have used bouncers to dispel Yadav ji and his supporters, if at all there were any security related concerns,” Kejriwal said as he latched on to another opportunity to hit out at BS Bassi.

Kejriwal further claimed that unlike the morally corrupt and paid Delhi Police, bouncers were just aam aadmis and thus had the fundamental right to peacefully manhandle anybody.

“Delhi Police force is eating up jobs of bouncers. This proves how Modi is against ending ‘VIP’ culture,” Kejriwal told Faking News, as he left in his SUV to catch latest Bollywood film at PVR Director’s cut multiplex.

Yogendra Yadav too welcomed Kejriwal’s viewpoint and hoped to be manhandled by bouncers in future.

“I am not very used to being beaten up, dragged and manhandled by Delhi Police. However being a strong former leader in AAP, who held on to his stance despite Arvind bhai’s autocracy, I am quite used to being pushed out by bouncers,” Yogendra told Faking News while lying on his back at floor of Parliament Street Police Station.

When told that had he not exceeded the time frame for which he was permitted to protest by Delhi Police, such thing would not have happened, Yogendra nodded in agreement, looking little helpless.

“You can take a person out of AAP, but you can’t take the AAP out of a person,” Yogendra said as he tried to back to sleeping on floor.