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Kejriwal defends offering CM's chair to Kiran Bedi earlier, says the offer was only for 49 days

29, Jan 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. AAP chief and Delhi CM hopeful today agreed that he indeed offered CM’s chair to the now BJP CM candidate Kiran Bedi last year and defended his move.

Dismissing suggestions that he himself found Kiran Bedi (who they now claim a BJP mole in JanLokpal movement) better suited for CM responsibility, Kejriwal claims that the offer to make her CM stood only for 49 days.

Kiran Bedi asking Kejriwal  to keep a file of Narendra Modi's governance, if he wants her to be CM.
Kiran Bedi asking Kejriwal to keep a file of Narendra Modi’s governance, if he wants her to be CM.

“As you know my patience levels are very short and nothing holds my attention beyond 49 days, same was the case while making on offer to Kiran ji last year. Do you really think I would have let her remain CM beyond that,” Kejriwal told Faking News, rubbishing Bedi’s accusation that Kejriwal trusted her more than himself.

“Even if I had not resigned on 14th Feb, the plan was that I would take over after 49 days and would be the CM for next 49 days. Then Manish Sisodia, Somnath Bharti, and so on. This way every AAP MLA in Delhi and maybe even few AAP supporters would have got a chance to be Delhi CM,” he went on to reveal AAP’s plan last year.

“You see I was not lying, when I said CM main nahi hoon ji, balki aap log hain ji,” he pointed as to how he was not megalomaniac.

However some AAP insiders also claim that Kejriwal was not cheating Delhi voters this way as irrespective of anyone who sat on CM’s chair , Kejriwal would have actually run the affairs, just Sonia Gandhi controlled PM’s chair for 10 years.

Claiming that his offer is still open, Kejriwal asked Kiran Bedi to again reconsider his offer.

“With BJP set to lose badly this time, she has no chance, but if she joins AAP, she will at least get to be CM for few days,” he said as he lured Bedi for one last time.

When Faking News called Kiran Bedi’s to get her response on this offer, the call automatically got diverted to BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra’s phone every time.