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Kejriwal flaunts his six pack abs in Ganga, image of being a common man shattered

26, Mar 2014 By idiot420

Varanasi. Kejriwal’s much talked about Ganga bath created a furor as many of AAP volunteers criticized their leader for having six pack abs.

Kejriwal, who till now had never gone shirtless, exposed his body for the first time in public. But instead of being proud and happy, his supporters were shocked to see his chiseled and well toned body.

Kejriwal Six Pack
Challenging Modi’s 56 inch chest.

“Is this how a common man should look like? If this is his idea of being a common man, I need to rethink over by decision to support AAP,” rued Bundela Yadav, an angry supporter.

“A man with six pack can’t represent a common man of India. It’s a huge setback for us as we were expecting him to be pot bellied, like every other Indian man in his forties,” Mr yadav added further. “His over sized shirts and formal pants were illusion, and I am happy that he accidently exposed himself.”

Even image management experts called it a wrong shot. “Common man should be represented by someone who himself looks like a struggler. One who is struggling to get everything, even a six pack abs,” explained a senior executive a PR firm.

Soon after realizing growing dissatisfaction among a section of party supporters, AAP was in damage control mode. AAP supremo Arvind kejriwal used the opportunity to blame Modi and Ambani for his physical fiasco.

“It’s a big conspiracy to turn me into an uncommon looking man. They are mixing something in food and vegetable supplied to my home. I need to stop buying stuffs from Reliance Fresh,” told Kejriwal blaming his political and imaginary opponents, “Give me 30 days, and I will be back in shape.”

As per Kejriwal, he even contacted a doctor after he got a feeling of being more fitter. Now, he is planning to consult BJP heavyweight Nitin Gadkari.

To prove that AAP is not a changed party, leaders like Kumar Vishwas, Ashutosh and Yogendra Yadav took off their shirts at a press conference in Delhi. “Look at us! We are not greek gods, we are one of you, we are common man of India,” said an over excited Ashutosh.

Meanwhile, sources have confirmed that it was Raghu who had suggested Kejriwal to develop six pack abs before taking dip in Ganga.

“It was a plan to challenge Modi’s 56 inch chest, but unfortunately it backfired,” revealed a party insider.