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Kejriwal government to build a separate ‘Dharna Bhavan’ for organizing protests

20, Jan 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Taking their passion for protests a step further, AAP’s Delhi government has decided to build a separate ‘Dharna Bhavan’ in the city.

Kejriwal doing what he loves to do the most

Sprawling over a 10 acre campus, Dharna Bhavan will ease the pressure off Jantar Mantar and other similar places where protests happen more often.

“It’s as necessary as devalaya and shauchalaya. Every city needs such a place where people can go, sit, relax, and protest,” said Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, the mastermind behind in this idea, “Mayawati built Elephant Park, Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal, I will build ‘Dharna Bhavan’.”

Kejriwal has high hopes from ‘Dharna Bhavan’. In the long run there are plans of developing it as  world’s first protest hub.

In first stage of development, a park, a protest memorial museum, and a four storied building dedicated to protests will be created.

Protest memorial museum will house collection of images, newspaper clippings, broken sleepers, and other similar souvenirs from the major protests that happened in the past.

The four storied building will be divided into different sections, each one for a separate kind of protest. Each section’s interior decoration will be in accordance to its theme.

For example, the political protest section will be having photos of Gandhiji and Tricolor on walls, apart from an in-house TV studio connected to major news channels.

Since crackdown on protests are integral part of the whole process, depending on city’s temperature, warm and cold water canons will be there to make the whole process intense and genuine.

In phase two of the development, a separate section for giving training in protests will be added. “Protests are happening all around the world, be it ‘Arab Spring’ or ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest. In such high turbulent times, world needs a world class institute to train in protests,” said a minister of Delhi Government, revealing future roadmap.

“Our ‘Dharna Bhavan’ will reinforce our image of Jagadguru and return India’s glorious days of Taxila and Nalanda university,” he added further.

With help of ‘Dharna Bhavan’, Delhi government is also eyeing to capitalize on ‘Dharna Tourism’. “People from rest of India and world including Ugandans are invited to protest here,” AAP leader Somnath Bharti told Faking News.

When asked from where will the fund from construction come, Bharti alleged that a section of media was trying to sabotage the project and he won’t answer such questions.

Meanwhile Congress has welcomed the idea if contract for construction was awarded to Robert Vadra and it was called “Rahul Gandhi Dharna Sthal”, while BJP has claimed that it had now become clear that AAP was following Congress’ agenda.