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Kejriwal promises to build a pipeline between gas planet Jupiter and Earth, if voted to power

02, Apr 2014 By idiot420

Delhi. Addressing a public gathering in the capital, AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal has promised to build a pipeline between Earth and gas giant Jupiter, if his party is voted to power in the Lok Sabha elections.

Jupiter, one of the four gas planets beside Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, is composed primarily of Hydrogen, which is often considered as fuel of the future.

Earth Jupiter
Simple, elegant and visionary plan.

“We are determined to fix the gas problem which our country is facing. Construction of a pipeline between Earth and Jupiter is going to free us from the claws of gas exploration companies,” declared Kejriwal amidst chanting of ‘Jupiter zindabad’ by excited AAP supporters.

“It’s just a one time cost, after that there will be nothing but gas; I mean we will distribute gas free of cost,” added Kejriwal.

“Each household will be having a direct connection from the main pipeline, people will be having freedom to use it as they wish,” he explained the benefits of AAP government.

The rookie party has included building of gas pipeline in their manifesto. After consuming whole of Jupiter, their plan is to add few extra hundred million miles of pipe to the existing system and then start consuming Saturn.

AAP bashed gas exploration companies like Reliance Industries and Chevron Corporation of intentionally avoiding Jupiter as source of gas. “The sheer abundance of gas is going to bring down the gas price, that’s why they are afraid of exploring Jupiter. It’s a big conspiracy,” claimed another AAP leader.

Kejriwal also blamed his political rival Modi of being hand in gloves with Ambani to keep Jupiter’s gas potential out of election agenda.

“Modi never talked about Jupiter. AAP is the only party which has courage to raise this issue, this is real pro-development attitude and foresightedness,” claimed Kejriwal lashing out at Modi.

However, on being asked how they are going to build such long pipeline, Kejriwal said, “Desh ka aam aadmi jag chuka hai, so please, don’t underestimate the power of a common man.”

Meanwhile, Congress has accused AAP of hijacking his Rahul Gandhi’s Jupiter’s agenda. “It was Rahul ji who first brought Jupiter into picture and AAP is capitalizing on that,” Congress leader Salman Khurshid said while attacking AAP.