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Kejriwal restless after BJP dharna, begs Election Commission to cancel an AAP rally

08, May 2014 By idiot420

Varanasi. Feeling restless after watching BJP’s protest against the Election Commission, AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal has literally begged the district administration to cancel one of AAP’s rallies, so that people of Varanasi may witness a quality dharna and protest.

Lashing out at the saffron party for a third-class dharna that didn’t last even whole day, the former Chief Minister of Delhi claimed that it was a conspiracy by the BJP to keep AAP out of media focus.

Kejriwal Angry
Dharna is my birthright”

“BJP is planning to keep doing this drama till election day. It’s a democracy and we should get equal opportunity to do such things,” Kejriwal demanded, “We should get our fair share of time to spend on Varanasi roads and TV screens.”

Reportedly, to make it sure that district administration cancels their rally, AAP has booked a ground with capacity of 1000 for a rally of 10,000 people.

However, Varanasi DM, who is already facing wrath for blocking Modi’s rally, is in no mood to get into another controversy. Therefore instead of canceling AAP’s rally, he has offered AAP a bigger ground to conduct their rally.

This has enraged AAP further, and now they have decided to protest against Election Commission for not blocking or canceling their scheduled rally.

“Why should our rally not be blocked? Are we not citizens of this country?” questioned an angry AAP supporter, celebrating the latest reason for protests.

With Varanasi roads already flooded by BJP supporters, the sudden decision by AAP supporters to indulge in protests has resulted in risks of the supporters of two parties clashing with each other.

To avoid this clash, AAP supremo has asked all the volunteers and supporters to hold their excitement and postpone their protests till BJP workers get bored and go back to their homes. Arvind Kejriwal has instead asked his supporters to reach near the bank of Ganga by the late evening.

“We will first do mass Ganga aarti and then all of us will protest in the river. Some will stand in the shallow water, while others will sit on boats,” Kejriwal revealed the plan for first ever dharna-on-water.

Sources tell Faking News that BJP has called emergency meeting to make sure they plan something else by the evening to make sure TV cameras remained focused on them.