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Kejriwal simultaneously sits on 20 protest venues using 3D holographic tech; man attempts to slap his 3D projection

16, Apr 2014 By idiot420

Delhi. Using 3D holographic technology, today, AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal simultaneously sat on 20 protest venues across India.

Kejriwal’s move is being seen as his latest attempt to challenge BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi, who is also using the same technology for his rallies.

Kejriwal 3D
Kejriwal’s 3D projection.

Reportedly, to remain a step ahead of Modi, AAP chief was initially looking for 4D holographic projection with rain, wind and lightning effects to give protests a touch of tragedy, but things couldn’t materialize.

Meanwhile, at Jantar Mantar protest, an auto rickshaw driver tried to slap Kejriwal once again, but thankfully Kejriwal remained unhurt as it was his 3D projection which was present there.

“The attacker was totally unaware about the 3D image and he thought it to be real Arvind Kejriwal. He was immediately caught by AAP supporters and was given required amount of heart transforming dose,” narrated a man present at Jantar Mantar, when the incident took place. “It looked like a trap set by AAP to catch people who are trying to slap Kejriwal.”

AAP insiders say, using 3D holographic technology is a well thought out plan to save Kejriwal from the regular ink and slap attacks which he was facing for last few weeks.

“Beside increasing his presence across various constituencies, it will also ensure his safety. In reality, Kejriwal himself was sitting on protest and was giving speech at AAP headquarters, which was being broadcast live at 20 protest venues,” revealed an insider.

Now AAP is also planning to use 3D holographic technology extensively during Kejriwal’s campaign in Varanasi in innovative ways.

As per AAP members, 3D holographic projection of drawing room of the house where Kejriwal is staying in Varanasi will be broadcast live at 200 choupals across the holy city.

“Kejriwal Ji’s life is going to be public for next one month. We will show people, how simple a man he is. He will even sleep in his drawing room and when not sleeping he will be giving speeches from there, 24X7,” said a visibly excited AAP member, “Chalega na Modi ka mayajaal, ab har choupal Kejriwal.”