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Kejriwal sweats after he switches off AC and fan, AAP supporters protest across Delhi

22, May 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. AAP supporters broke into protests in the national capital after the news came that Arvind Kejriwal was sweating profusely because AC and fan in his room were not working.

Party sources claim that Kejriwal had switched off his room’s AC and fan in an attempt to feel problems of the common man this summer.

Arvind Kejriwal
Arvind Kejriwal helping the common man

The AAP chief was soon drenched in sweat as he was wearing muffler, sweater, and had covered himself under a blanket apart from switching off the AC and the fan. Images of Kejriwal with droplets of tears trickling down his cheek was broadcast live on many TV channels, which angered many party supporters.

“This can not be tolerated!” Manoj Singh, an AAP supporter shouted, “Corrupt people are sleeping peacefully in Air Conditioned rooms and an honest man person is sweating while locked in his room. Enough is enough! We need revolution!”

Many supporters further claimed that those droplets were not sweat but Kejriwal’s tears. “His two eyes are not sufficient enough to cry for so many poor people of India, each pore of his skin is crying at the current situation of the country,” explained an AAP volunteer.

Protests by AAP were held at many parts in Delhi, while senior leaders decided that people in Delhi would be told about the hard times Kejriwal was going through.

“Are these the achchhe din Modi was talking about?” AAP leader Manish Sisodia argued, “Just because Arvind ji cares about the poor, he has to go through all this?”

Eyewitnesses tell Faking News that many protesters were carrying a drop of Kejriwal’s sweat in a bottle and showing it to the public.

“We are also asking them to give a few drops of their own sweat as mark of solidarity with our revolution,” an AAP protester confirmed while collecting sweat drops from a person stuck in the 5 km long traffic jam caused by AAP protest.