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Kejriwal to change his DP to support Nitish Kumar for Bihar Elections

04, Oct 2015 By Pratik Purohit

New Delhi: After blaming media for distorting his statement, in an unexpected move Arvind Kejriwal decided to change his DP on facebook page to support Nitish Kumar for upcoming Bihar assembly election.

Arwind Kejriwal reacting after someone asked him what he will do if people of Bihar will not allow him to change his DP
Arvind Kejriwal reacting after someone asked him what he will do if people of Bihar will not allow him to change his DP

Taking time out from his busy weekend movie marathon schedule, Kejriwal announced via his twitter account that he will take this step to avoid any confusion and rumors among people including him and Lalu Prasad Yadav.

He also said that he is different from Modi and believes in democracy. He will change his DP only after people of Bihar will allow him to do so.

Later, AAP spokesperson Ashutosh in press conference declared the date of ‘DP parivartan rally’ in Patna. Rally will be addressed by Arvind Kejriwal where he will ask people as to whether he should change DP or not.

When journalist from TimePass News asked, ”Did Kejriwal get this idea from Mark Zuckerberg?” Ashutosh reacted instantly and blamed Modi for it.

He said, “It is original idea of Arvind ji. When Arvind ji met Modi ji after taking oath of Delhi Chief Minister, he shared this idea with Modi ji.” AAP spokesperson further accused Modi to tell this idea to Mark Zuckerberg during his recent visit of Facebook head quarter.

Reacting to question from journalist that did Kejriwal support Lalu Yadav as both Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav are in alliance, Ashutosh asked in reply, “Did you support when you changed DP to support digital india?” Journalist couldn’t ask more questions as Ashutosh burst into tears.

Some journalists speculate that Ashutosh is missing his mother. When one journalist asked about sudden tears, Ashutosh replied,”Modi” and left the pressconference.

Meanwhile, Bihar BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi tried to contact Mark Zuckerberg. Reportedly, he will try to convince Mark Zuckerberg to change his DP to support BJP in upcoming Bihar Elections.