Kejriwal writes a thank you letter to Dhoni and Times Now for shifting focus off AAP's massive internal war

27, Mar 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. In another letter leaked from AAP, albeit this time not from Prashant Bhushan, it has been found that AAP supreme Arvind Kejriwal thanked Indian captain MS Dhoni and Times Now for helping shift focus away from massive internal war within AAP yesterday.

Worried that the most massive showdown within AAP would be hogging headlines everywhere on Prime time, Kejriwal was relieved to find ace anchor Arnab Goswami debating about India’s defeat in semi-final match against Australia instead for one hour.

Extending an olive branch to Arnab
Extending an olive branch to Arnab

“I was wrong about Arnab ji all along. He is not anti-AAP and certainly not anybody’s agent,” Kejriwal told Faking News.

He further told us how pleasantly shocked he was to see no media person question him about those sting tapes, ever since he returned from Bangalore.

“So somewhere I had this feeling even this thing will not get coverage from Media, but the massiveness of the rift had me in two minds and I thought maybe they will,” Kejriwal confessed.

“Also I thought this time now that India has lost and these channels would have nothing else to discuss about cricket further and they would certainly shift focus to us. But thanks to Arnab and Times Now for setting the narrative and shifting focus from us,” Kejriwal added.

When asked why did he thank Dhoni in his letter, Kejriwal shot back, “Do you really think had it not been for his effort and conduct in the world cup, Indians would have got united in standing behind him?”

Kejriwal further expressed satisfaction over no trend related to AAP hogging limelight on Twitter with #ShameonTimesNow attracting attention of one and all.

So much so that AAP volunteers did not even bother to trend stuff like #AKweAreWithYou #OpportunistBhushanYadav or any other such hashtag on Twitter to show their solidarity.

“This time supporters from all political parties were united in going after Times Now,” Kejriwal said, ““sab actually mein mile hue the ji.”