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Kejriwal’s office washroom choked, plumber traces the choke to PM’s office

17, Dec 2015 By dasu

New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal was furious when he found the toilet he is using was choked. He suspected PMO has something to do with this.

Kejriwal showing signs of relief after the choke was cleared and he could finally use the washroom
Kejriwal showing signs of relief after the choke was cleared and he could finally use the washroom

Most of the leading media houses ignored this piece of news as they wanted to maintain their ‘integrity’. They knew this is something their journalists cannot access and verify.

According to our sources Arvind Kejriwal has proved once again that he is right. The Aam plumber which came on short notice after getting a call from Delhi secretariat found the choke in CM’s room has actually originated from PM’s room.

The Aam plumber (who did not want to be named) told us, “Sir, I am doing maintenance work in Delhi secretariat for last twenty years, never seen such a major choke. CM’s room has a dedicated line as we cannot mix CM’s line with any other line coming from other ministers or bureaucrats room. Similarly my colleague working on PMO also confirmed PM’s room has separate connection. All these VVIPs connections are connected in such a way that regular maintenance is easy. These VVIP connections are covered under a separate tender so that it can be awarded to one company so that its maintenance remains hassle free and quick.”

Aam plumber added, “Unlike us, VVIPs cannot use other’s washroom due to security reasons. No we have technology to find out where is the root cause of the choke. Within a minute I could trace that choke has started from PM’s room which is just 7 kilometer away. My guess this choke might have started sometime back, as PM is not using it regularly due to his frequent on-site trips, he might not have noticed it.”

The aam plumber said, “I have never seen Kejriwal sir so angry. Not only he called PM psychopath, after finding the reason behind the choke he called PM is anti-naturopath. He is taking naturopathy medicines to keep his body and mind clean and for that he visits the washroom frequently. Today he had to block everything for hours.”

“I have seen he will wash his hand after every tweet and will tell Manishji loudly ‘I have washed my hand off this tweet’. Today for a change he did series of tweets without taking a break when I was doing my duty,” he added.

“I do my job honestly so that my boss remains happy all the time. He has assured me a 400% hike from next year. Now I am checking if I can separate out PM’s line from our CM’s line. Last year CM’s line was separated from Lieutenant Governor’s office room line,” aam plumber said, hoping to get a salary hike.

“Another point to note unlike other VVIPs, our CM allows aam public like Kumar Vishwasji to use his washroom. As Kumarji is neither an MLA nor MP right now, sir allows him to use whenever he visits him and also whenever sir will go out of station he will give the key to Kumarji. I have seen Kumarji will sit inside for hours to write his Kavita,” concluded the aam plumber.