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Kerala school expels Hindu students, as calling their names offends religious sentiments

16, Aug 2014 By manithan

Trivandrum. A private school in south Kerala has dismissed 25 Hindu students after an unknown (rather we won’t divulge) religious outfit allegedly threatened its management, claiming that the names of the students were against the religious beliefs of a section of the community.

This comes close to the incident of another school in Kerala banning Vande Mataram and Namaste from its Independence Day celebrations, so that the religious sentiments of a community were not hurt.

Initially, PotB Centenary School in Pallam, 65 KMs south of Trivandrum, had around 400 Hindu students among its 1500 students. But, due to pressure from several secular and peaceful organizations, the strength came down to 25 in just 5 years. The school management, however, maintains that this was due to the poor performance of Hindu kids and has nothing to do with their names.

What a communal bunch of kids?
What a communal bunch of kids?

Earlier today, those remaining 25 students too were asked to leave the school. The management again declined that it was due to their religion.

But leader of one of the peaceful organizations, which had asked the school to dismiss the students, was far more candid.

“Imagine our kids calling the names of those Hindu students. It will be like, our kids are reciting the verses of idolaters. This is against our religious beliefs,” the leader claimed.

“Many enraged parents had earlier came to us reporting how their kids kept on chanting unholy names while taking on phone and while playing with those Hindu children. We requested the management to remove these students else we might have to indulge in violence. Our peaceful appeal was accepted,” he added.

When asked about a few names that allegedly offended the religious beliefs, he first sought permission from his God and then laid out a long list, which had few names like “Abishek, Abinav, Balram, Bharath, Deepak, Jagannath, Ram, Krishna, Aarti, Suchitra, etc.”

When contacted, the school management denied any external pressure.

“Those 25 kids failed in maths. They cannot even tell two plus two equals four. So, we had to remove them from our school as they were unable to satisfy our intelligence criteria. It has nothing to do with external pressure,” an administrator of the school said.

Meanwhile many secular organizations have wondered why Hindu parents were naming their kids in a way that was offensive to fellow Indians.

“There are millions of names they could have chosen from. Why are they picking up these names only? It is like forcing kids from other religion to recite religious names. Hindus should learn tolerance and inclusiveness,” a secular person told Faking News.