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Kiren Rijiju roaming around Delhi colleges, looking for fights to join

28, Feb 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: Union Minister of State for Home Affairs of India, Mr Kiren Rijiju is spending a lot of his time inside the college campuses in Delhi these days. Mr. Rijiju is going there to check whether any student groups are fighting so that he can also join in, verbally, if not physically.

Kiren Rijiju
“Aa raha hoon main…. Aapke campus me”

After commenting on the recent fracas between AISA and ABVP at Ramjas college in Delhi, Mr Rijiju has again commented on the stand taken by a Kargil martyr’s daughter on Twitter. Now, he wants to get more actively involved in student politics and campus fights, and is actively seeking these fights.

Since a minister of state for home affairs has precious little responsibility otherwise, Mr Rijiju has a lot of time on his hands to roam around all the colleges in the city.

Confirming the news, a home ministry official said, “It is not that he will get involved in every fight. If he starts doing that, he will be trapped in 100 fights in one college alone, Delhi hai bhai. He is only looking for those fights where student gangs groups like ABVP, AISA, NSUI, SFI etc are involved. Unless there is a ‘National-Anti-National’ angle involved, there is no point in honorable minister joining in.”

When we asked if it will affect Mr. Rijiju’s work in the ministry, the official said ,”Don’t spin this to show that the minister isn’t focusing on his responsibilities as a minister. Working in home ministry, he is responsible for law and order inside the country. Colleges are a part of the country so he is just doing his job here.”

When we asked if it is safe for him to go alone to all these colleges,. the official said ,”Mr Rijiju is not a female that he can’t go out alone in Delhi. He will be fine.”