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Kirti Azad's nephew thanks his uncle for blaming the hacker

22, Dec 2015 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Facing a wave of criticism from his own party after his tweet calling Arun Jaitley a napunsak, Kirti Azad has found some support from his family members. Azad’s nephew (Name withheld for safety reasons) has thanked his uncle for blaming hackers for the tweet in question and not his nephew, as is the standard practice.

Kirti Azad feeling happy after blaming the hackers
Kirti Azad feeling happy after blaming the hackers

Late last night, Kirti Azad tweeted that many agencies have asked him to take precaution against threat to his life. He later tagged Arun Jaitley in the tweet and said that he isn’t afraid of napunsaks. However, he issued a clarification shortly after that his account was hacked and he didn’t tweet that.

Speaking to Faking News, an elated Kirti Azad’s nephew said, “I really can’t tell you how relieved I am. When I saw the tweet calling Mr Jaitley a napunsak from his handle, I knew the blame is going to fall on me. Ever since Raina brought nephews to mainstream, we are the bali ka bakra for every offensive tweet, sometimes for scams too. Thankfully, my panic was shortlived. Within half an hour, he put the blame squarely on hackers.”

When we asked him whether he believes his uncle’s version of account hacking, the newphew laughed and said, “Who will hack my uncle’s account yaar. Nobody even paid attention to his rants on DDCA for years till Kejriwal brought media attention with him. Politics is all about making false promises and blaming others when you screw things up. It was obvious he was going to blame his act on someone, luckily, he blamed it on the hackers.”

Meanwhile, as per sources, nobody in BJP is buying the hacking theory since the tweet in question was still not deleted when reports last came in. Senior BJP leadership has even asked Javed Akhtar to delete Kirti Azad’s tweet looking at his expertise in deleting others tweets.

In related news, Arvind Kejriwal has offered AAP membership to Kirti Azad after getting impressed with his skill of blaming others for his own act.