K’taka independent MLA spends time with family as he is afraid he’ll be ‘resort arrested’ for next 2 weeks

16, May 2018 By dasu

Kolar: When supporters, well-wishers of P Mangesh went to his house to celebrate his victory, Mr. Mangesh, the only Independent candidate to be elected to Karnataka assembly was not to be seen anywhere.

His anxious supporters were on the way to Police station to complain that someone might have kidnapped him, they met Mr. Mangesh’s childhood friend Basavaraj.

According to Basavaraj, “Immediately after collecting the letter from election officials, he called me saying, I am going underground. Taking my family along with me. Basava bhai just take care of my house till I come back”.

When Basavaraj asked him, why are you so stressed? He said, “Basava Bhai you do not know what these big parties will do to me. Being the only independent candidate, they are planning to ‘resort arrest’ me. Mr. Shah called me seventeen times. He wants to have lunch at my house, Rahul Ji wants to have dinner. Another Congress leader was dragging me wherever he went yesterday and was presenting me repeatedly before the press people”.

“He is also human. Yes, did a big mistake by winning which he is regretting now. These big guys have already deactivated his mobile sim and landline number. Everyone wants exclusive personal access to him”, said Basavaraj who felt bad because his friend was in tears

“Before Mr. Mangesh is resort arrested, he is enjoying home cooked food prepared by his wife and playing with his son. Please don’t disturb him and do not ask about his current location”, said Mr. Basavaraj with folded hands to Mr. Mangesh’s supporters.

In the meantime, PM Modi is collecting information on Mr. Mangesh. He is planning to speak about the great independent leader from Kolar in his forthcoming Mann Ki Baat.