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Kumar Vishwas arrested for violating sec 144 after policemen assemble to listen to his poems

06, May 2014 By idiot420

Amethi. Last night Amethi police arrested AAP Lok Sabha candidate and poet Kumar Vishwas on charge of inciting violation of section 144 after dozens of policemen assembled outside his house to listen to his poem.

Clarifying charges on Kumar Vishwas, District Magistrate of Amethi said, “It was indeed an unlawful assembly as section 144 is currently applicable to Amethi. And considering poem recitation of Mr Vishwas, armed policemen could have gone mad in a few minutes.”

Kumar Vishwas
Kumar reciting his poem.

Reportedly, around 30 policemen wearing banyan-lungi and carrying their arms reached Kumar’s place after they heard melodious voice coming out from his house.

But as per Kumar Vishwas, he was just practicing his poems on terrace and he didn’t even invite the policemen.

“They are calling it violation of sec 144 because policemen were in civil dress, it’s a big conspiracy,” Vishwas said in his defense, “Those policemen were agents of Rahul Gandhi.”

However, the policemen who gathered outside Kumar Vishwas’ house denied being Rahul Gandhi’s agents. Instead, they claimed that it was Vishwas’ talent that set their feet in motion; to which Vishwas reacted blushingly, “Are kya baat karte ho bhaiya, main to hindi kavita ka sabse chhota putra hun, meri kya aukaat.”

On the other hand, Congress leaders from Amethi alleged that Vishwas not only incited violation of section 144, but he also violated model code of conduct.

“Campaigning time ended on Monday evening, but he was still campaigning for his party by reciting his poetry in loud voice,” a local Congress worker said, “He was trying to influence his neighbors by resorting to such guerrilla style canvassing at night.”

Another Rhaul Gandhi supporter said that besides promoting AAP, Kumar Vishwas was also promoting BJP ally Shiromani Akali Dal’s leader Prakash Singh Badal.

“He was saying, koi deewana kehata hai, koi pagal samajhta hai. Magar dharti ki bechaini ko bas (Parkash Singh) BADAL samajhta hai,” explained the enraged supporter, “It is a proof that AAP is a B team of BJP.”