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Is my Kurta-Pyjama not gorgeous, don't I look handsome wearing it: emotional Rahul questions Korean President 

01, Nov 2018 By @jurnoleast

Korean President Moon Jae-in’s tweet thanking PM MOdi for the jacket not just managed to raise a storm on social media. Congress President Rahul Gandhi too reacted rather emotionally and questioned the President about his Kurta-Pyjama.

While speaking to media-persons Rahul said that he was upset with the fact that no world leader was complementing his sartorial choices. “Since the time I joined politics, I have been wearing this Kurta Pyjama. It is so comfortable and looks good on me too. But why hasn’t any world leader sent any compliments. Don’t I look handsome?” he asked, with a hint of emotion in his voice.

rajul kurta

Sources say that Rahul was so upset that he locked himself in a room and stood in front of the mirror for hours looking at his reflection. Apparently, he even threatened to give up kurta-pyjama and wear a sporty shirt-trouser-sneaker combination if no compliments came his way.

However prominent leaders from the Mahagatbandhan advised him against doing so fearing that it would dent the image and hurt any chances or defeating Modi in 2019.

Congress leader Kamal Nath, whiom Rahul had addressed as someone with good looks and experience, was seen having an intense discussion with Rahul Gandhi over giving up of Kurta-Pyjama.

“The Korean president may have seen our PM in the ‘Modi vest’. But has he seen our Rahulji in the shiny white Kurta. I am pretty he’d be bowled over by Rahul’s looks,” he said.

Insiders have revealed that the party is planning to dispatch a set of Kurta’s for all world leaders in a effort to make them aware of Rahul’s dressing sense. “Unlike Modiji, who appropriated the Nehru jacket, Rahulji’s style is unique. If it wasn’t for politics he could have been a very successful model,” said another Congress leader.