Lady Gaga not joining BJP, clarifies Amit Shah after singer tweets in Sanskrit

21, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

Social media witnessed a frenzy after singer Lady Gaga tweeted a Sanskrit shloka yesterday. There were speculations that the singer is all set to join the ruling BJP, which were later put to rest by Amit Shah.

shah gaga

While speaking to reporters, Home Minister Amit Shah said, “Media ke madhyam se mai batana chahta hu ki ye jo Lady Ghagra..Ganga..ya jo bhi unka naam hai, who BJP mein shaamil nai ho rahi. These are just rumors and if there is any induction into the party you will know about it through official channels.”

But by the time the clarification came, the damage was already done. A news channel even carried a report that Lady Gaga could arrive in Mumbai on Election Day to show her support for Shiv Sena BJP alliance.

Even Aditya Thackeray got caught up and almost reached the airport with a bouquet to welcome her. Gaga’s PR too had to issue a clarification to cool things down.

Congress party however was not too pleased with the award winning singer tweeting in Sanskrit. that too on the eve of elections in Maharashtra and Haryana. Congress leaders on previous occasion criticized the BJP for promoting Sanskrit as India’s official language.

Some were of the opinion that the saffron party was using Lady Gaga’s star power to push their Sanskrit agenda. Senior Congress leaders were critical of the singer and urged her stay away from Indian politics.

“Why a Sanskrit shloka. What is she trying to say. Many of the fans are impressionable first time voters and can get influenced to vote for BJP-Shiv Sena,” questioned an opposition leader.

There were others who were of the opinion that Gaga’s tweet was a subtle hint that she wants a Mandir in Ayodhya.