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Laloo clears yo-yo test and declares himself fully fit after hearing rumors that he will be shifted to Max Hospital in Delhi

31, Aug 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Patna: Sometime back, the Delhi government revoked the license of the Shalimar Bagh branch of Max Hospital after the corporate medical chain came under fire for wrongly declaring a prematurely delivered infant- packed in a plastic bag, still breathing – dead. Max Hospital has been accused of marking up their treatment cost so much that it is almost impossible for a common man to get treatment there. But one can expect at least the VIPs or the political class to be able to afford such treatment. But we were proved wrong yesterday when Laloo Prasad too fainted hearing the cost of treatment and declared himself fit.

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Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) president and fodder scam convict Lalu Prasad yesterday surrendered before a CBI court in Ranchi. The Jharkhand High Court had earlier on August 24 rejected Lalu’s bail extension-plea and asked the RJD chief surrender by August 30. But he will be moved to a Ranchi hospital tomorrow which made the court to think that maybe Laloo Prasad is faking illness. So the judge gave orders of Laloo to be shifted to Max hospital in Delhi, whose cost of treatment is world famous.

Recently there was a rumor that a guy walking near the Max Hospital front gate sneezed there and the hospital gave him a bill of 2 lac Rupees. The cost of treating cough, cold and other simple illneses is as high as treating cancer in some other countries. Laloo Prasad, in fact, says that he can even clear the yo-yo test to make the court believe that he is completely fit and doesn’t require hospitalization.