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Lalu promises share in property to his MLAs to stop them from leaving party

25, Feb 2014 By idiot420

Patna. To stop his MLAs from revolting against RJD and joining other parties, Lalu Yadav has promised rebel MLAs of a share in his property if the stick around him for a minimum assured number of years.

Lalu’s decision is being seen as a desperate attempt to consolidate his party, which is falling apart just before the general elections. However, Lalu calls it a unique example of socialism, which has never happened before.

Lalu Yadav
“All is well”

“They are like my family members; what I am today is because of them. So there is nothing wrong if I make them part of my will,” said Lalu, justifying his move.

Lalu even rejected Nitish Kumar’s claims that he was trying to buy his own MLAs.

Budbak hai Nitishwa, it is a gift to my party members,” he added.

Sources tell Faking New that as per Lalu’s will, each MLA of his party is going to get 10 buffaloes and 100 Kg of fodder. However, there is more to it.

“His will is written in form of code words. Each buffalo in Lalu’s will means huge amount of undeclared cash, like in Mumbai underworld one khoka means one crore,” claimed a source.

Political experts have called Lalu’s decision a master stroke.

“This is very clever and shows a good start-up culture,” explained an RJD representative sitting in New Delhi and TV studios, “It is like offering stock options. It will motivate them to increase Lalu’s worth, which is party’s worth, and in turn they will increase their own worth.”

The announcement by Lalu has inspired workers and leaders of other parties too. Congress MLAs from Bihar have reportedly demanded an assurance of meeting Rahul Gandhi and spending 30 minutes in private with him, while Nitish Kumar’s MLAs have demanded “special MLA” status in return for their support.