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Lalu Yadav asks Ram Jethmalani if he can blame animals for Fodder Scam

30, Sep 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After being convicted by the CBI court and facing disqualification as an MP, RJD chief Lalu Yadav is making a last ditch, but most important, effort to save his political career.

The former Chief Minister of Bihar has approached the well known lawyer Ram Jethmalani to get a clean chit in the fodder scam case.

Sources confirm that Lalu is impressed with Mr. Jethmalani’s arguments in the Asaram Bapu’s case where he had suggested that the girl had a disease that attracted her to men. Lalu wants the veteran lawyer to play the role of a veterinary doctor this time and find out if the animals too were suffering from some disease.

Sources further confirm that Mr. Jethmalani is assessing the merits of the case, and he could take up this case if Lalu Yadav was ready to take up his bills.

“The general perception is that Lalu ate the fodder meant for animals. Why are we ruling out the possibility where animals were suffering from anorexia and refused to eat the fodder? This might have pushed Lalu to eat the fodder,” Ram Jethmalani is reported to have prepared his brief.

The Supreme Court lawyer is trying to find out other reasons too if the “disease theory” is frowned upon again.

Lalu Yadav and Fodder Scam
One of the possible logical and legal explanations of the fodder scam

“Maybe the animals were fasting, or maybe they were bored of the same old fodder and probably wanted some international cuisine like French Fries, Burgers, or even Thai food. This explains not only why Lalu ate fodder, but also why the cost of fodder was so high. They had to source from foreign countries,” argued Mr. Ram Jethmalani.

Such arguments are not only supposed to give a clean chit to Lalu Yadav but put blame on animals for being too choosy and irresponsible in their dietary habits.

Though Mr. Jethmalani is pretty confident that his argument would be accepted, he has a backup plan ready too.

“We don’t know. Either he could claim that fodder had a chronic disease that drew him closer to the RJD chief, or maybe the simpler route – keep on appealing in the higher courts and a final verdict could be announced by the second half of the 22nd century, when even any tortoise related to the case would have died,” a source said.