In last ditch effort, Sanjay Raut forms a Whatsapp group with Cong and NCP, makes Aditya the Group Admin

06, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

Sanjay Raut it seems is unwilling to give up his pursuit of forming an alliance with the Cong and NCP and get BJP to give up claims over the CMs chair.


Sources reveal that the Saamna Editor has formed a Whatsapp group with senior members of both Congress and NCP with Aditya Thackeray as the Group Admin. Not surpsingly, BJP leaders were kept away from the group.

The Whatsapp group is seen as an attempt to show the Sena’s strength to the BJP. “We don’t need them because we have the numbers on Whatsapp. Adityaji has taken the oath of being the Group Admin and will be serving in this position for 5 years,” said Mr. Raut while speaking to our reporter.

Though Sainiks were ecstatic with the announcement, leaders of the Congress party who were part of the group were not sure if the exercise was needed.

A Senior leader, under the condition of anonymity, spoke to our reporter and said, “Don’t know what’s gone into Sanjay Raut. I am part of that group too. Other than Good Morning messages and memes, there is hardly any conversation in the group. The BJP won’t even flinch. Our respected madam has already left the group and many members will follow suit.”

A few days back Supreme Court had given a stern warning to Sanjay Raut asking him to stay quiet and let leaders of Shiv Sena and BJP decide on Govt formation. His latest Whatsapp stunt, as per legal experts, could appear as contempt of court

That however has not dampened the spirits of Mr. Raut, who didn’t even wasn’t even too bothered by the Whatsapp snooping allegations on the Govt. and how his group’s privacy could be compromised.