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Leaders asking to produce more kids working on "Interstellar" type mission to find planets to accommodate extra Hindus

14, Jan 2015 By idiot420

Delhi. BJP leaders like Sakshi Maharaj & Shyamal Goswami who are continuously asking Hindus to have more and more kids have assured people to not worry about space crunch in already overpopulated India, as they are working on “Interstellar” type mission to find a planet to accommodate extra Hindus.

BJP leader from West Bengal Shyamal Goswami was addressing a joint press conference with Sakshi Maharaj explaining why they think asking Hindu women to have five children is not that bad idea.

Baaki ke liye main hoon na

“Don’t think that we are short-sighted, and saying whatever we want to say. Me, Sakshi Maharaj Ji and many others who believe in what we are saying are working on a space project to find habitable planets where we will be shifting extra Hindus, once we will run out of space in India,” said Shyamal Goswami adding that everything is preplanned.

As per Mr. Goswami, VHP is helping them with the secret knowledge of aerodynamics that they have, and in the next couple of years they are expecting their spacecraft capable of traveling across galaxies to get ready.

“One of our team is even working on creation of a wormhole, which will help our spacecraft to move to different space time zone,” Shyamal Goswami further added comparing their effort to build a wormhole with what of Ram Setu, “No hindrance will be able to stop us from creating universe’s first Hindu-Grah.”

Talking more about the issue, Sakshi Maharaj said, all they wanted was that people concentrate on what they have been asked to do.

“In short, we don’t want Hindus to waste their time thinking about minor details like where their children would be living and what would they eat. We just want them to focus on producing more and more babies, for rest, hum hain na,” commented Sakshi Maharaj requesting Hindus to not panic, “If all goes well, we will have enough space to accommodate 100 billion Hindus.”

Meanwhile, Zakir Naik, famous public speaker on the subject of Islam, mocked Right wing leaders for being too much hyper.

“When a huge chunk of the Earth is yet to be occupied by humans, then why are they going to other planets? Knowledge of science does make people dumb,” Zakir Naik told Faking News.