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Lok Sabha adjournment plan for Budget Session finalized

13, Feb 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi. An all-party meeting held at speaker Meira Kumar’s home today finalized the plan for adjournment of the Parliament during the Budget Session. The plan has been accepted by every party and will be followed religiously by them during the session.

Representatives from all major parties, such as Congress, BJP, SP, BSP, DMK, AIADMK, JD (U), TMC, SS, SAD, etc. were present at the meeting. Congress and TMC representatives were made to sit as far away from each other as possible to make sure the meeting progressed very smoothly.

The all-party meeting saw no such unruly scenes as the honorable members were discussing a very important issue i.e. adjournment

Addressing the media after the meeting, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Mr. Kamal Nath said, “During every session, there is a lot of chaos as every party shouts on the issues concerning their vote banks, and Madam Speaker struggles to decide on which issue should she adjourn the Parliament. That is why we have decided to show unity during this session and shout over only one issue a day.”

Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha, Ms. Sushma Swaraj, who was also present there, said, “In the spirit of democracy, we have agreed to this suggestion by the Speaker. Initially, we wanted the house to adjourn daily over Mr. Shinde, but during the meeting, we have accommodated the adjournment topics of other parties as well. Democracy hai bhai, sabko house adjourn karwaane ka haq hai.”

Lok Sabha speaker, Meira Kumar, who was smiling a bit more than usual, said, “This is such a relief. Now I know I don’t have to bother with baith jaiye to try and pacify the members as adjournment is pre-decided. I have to wait for them to start shouting, and within 5 minutes adjourn over the issue of that particular day.”

Faking News has managed to get details of the adjournment schedule. This is an FN exclusive, not TV news type of exclusive, but an actual exclusive! The detailed adjournment schedule is as follows:

Working Day Excuse Reason for adjournment
Monday Home Minister’s remarks linking BJP/RSS to terrorism
Tuesday Helicopter scam
Wednesday Telangana
Thursday Demand for reservation in any one bill of the members’ choice
Friday Hafiz Saeed, Yasin Malik, and others

After going through the schedule, we asked Mr. Kamal Nath what happened to the Lokpal bill, supposed to pass during the Budget Session as per Sonia Ji, he replied, “What!? Pass it now and remain unprepared for the Monsoon Session!?”