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Lok Sabha passes motion to keep Ram Mandir as an election issue till 2100 AD

02, Jan 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: In the middle of an acrimonious winter session of Parliament, all the MPs surprisingly came together to unanimously pass a motion on the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.


A session that has been marred with disruptions and shouting matches saw peace and quiet in the house for the first time as everyone agreed to keep Ram Mandir as a major issue in every election till 2100 AD. After that, the politicians of the time will take a call whether this has to be extended further.

The issue of the temple in Ayodhya has been a feature of election in living memory, and the court cases around it pre-date electricity and internal combustion engine.

Speaking to the media after the motion was passes, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Vijay Goel said, “It was good to see the Parliament working and addressing the important issues. People were starting to lose faith in democracy after watching constant disruptions but today we all came together and managed to unanimously pass this motion. The country should be proud to see the hard work its elected representatives are putting in.”

When asked what if the Courts decide the Ram Mandir matter before 2100 AD, Mr. Goel said,” Are you new to this country? In our courts, cases are filed, they are never decided. We have no legal provision to end a case so there is no question of the Court settling the issue. In fact, 2100 is a conservative estimate, we could have mentioned 3000 AD in our motion but then, MPs in 2100 AD should also have some work to do. They can pass another motion then to keep this temple issue alive.”

Meanwhile, after passing this motion, MPs returned to shouting at each other and Lok Sabha was adjourned.