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Looking at Usain Bolt's popularity among their voters, now Indian CMs announce cash reward for him

21, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Rio de Janeiro: Announcing cash rewards for Indian athletes after their medal winning performances is nothing new in India. Even when the athlete is not from their state, they announce these cash rewards to get some good PR for themselves. However, now they have gone global and started announcing cash rewards for athletes from other countries as well, and first one to get this cash reward is Usain Bolt.

Usain Bolt is now 100 Crores richer after announcements by Indian CMs

Usain Bolt won 3 Gold medals at Rio Olympics taking his all time tally to 9 Gold medals. He is among the most popular athletes in the world and now Indian politicians want to cash in on that popularity by announcing some cash for him.

“I don’t understand why this has become an issue. When we announce cash rewards for athletes from other states then why can’t we announce cash rewards for athletes from other countries? After all our aim is to get some good publicity for ourselves, athletes can be from anywhere. If Usain Bolt is the most popular sportsperson among our voters then we have no option but to reward him”, Chief Minister of an Indian state said on the condition of anonymity.

When we asked whether his voters won’t mind the fact that their tax money is being used to honour Jamaican athletes, the CM si ,”Bhai we only announce the cash reward. Who told you that we actually give that cash as well? Tax money isn’t going anywhere except our bank accounts. Tax payers can relax, their won’t be any misuse of the money.”

When we asked another CM why don’t they invest this money earlier in training athletes instead of announcing these cash rewards later, he said ,”What a silly question. How will we know which state’s or country’s athletes are going to win the medals? Where should we invest? Without medals, what is the point of investing?”