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Major embarrassment for Nawaz Sharif as Indo-Pak ceasefire documents recovered from a kabadiwala in Karachi

10, Jul 2015 By @jurnoleast

Karachi: Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif who is currently in Russia for SCO Summit, faced an embarrassing situation on the day he was scheduled to meet his Indian counterpart Mr. Narendra Modi. The Pakistani PM was left red faced when newspapers back home reported how Indo-Pak ceasefire documents were recovered from a kabadiwala in Karachi.

Looking for Indo-Pak ceasefire document? Here it is
Looking for Indo-Pak ceasefire document? Here it is

The request for ceasefire documents was conveyed by Pakistani Embassy in India after firing from Pakistan side was reported along the border. The Pakistan High Commissioner to India Mr. Abdul Basit asked for the documents after he was summoned by India government and asked to explain Pakistan’s position on the violation.

After the request was sent, officials in Pakistan started hunting for the documents which apparently were misplaced and landed up with a kabadiwala. Speaking to FN a government official on the condition of anonymity tried to explain how the vital documents ended up in scrap. He said, “Our government offices are full of junk files. There is no space for anymore files. Tell me, if govt. offices are used for keeping files, where do we keep our guns. So our government took a decision to sell all files in scrap so that we have space to keep our ammunition.”

Pakistani officials have promised their Indian counterpart that the matter will be taken up seriously like all other previous bilateral matters provided they receive ‘credible evidence’ from India. They have also promised action against erring government officials who are responsible for the negligence.

Meanwhile, Indian Army has said that it is relieved that the documents have been found and at least now the Pakistani army will know that there is something called ‘ceasefire’ that exists between the two nations.