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Major embarrassment for NDA govt as this year CBSE topper scores 0.4% less than last year topper

27, May 2015 By dasu

New Delhi. With the announcement of CBSE class 12th exam results, government is facing real difficulty in answering opposition charge why this year topper has scored 496 when last year topper scored 498. Luckily opposition has not asked government to explain why in this year’s IPL the yes bank maximum sixes count is less than that of last year’s.

After someone told Rahul Gandhi that this year topper has scored less than the topper who prepared for the exam during Mr. Singh’s tenure, he cited this example to  show the current government is taking India backwards.

As per sources, Smriti Irani is not at all amused with this development. She has asked the CBSE board and it’s chairman to find out the reasons behind this mess. She has threatened if the board cannot find the answer in weeks’ time, Sony’s CID team will look in to the matter as CBI team is too busy with lot of other activities.

Another blow to Modi?
Another blow to Modi?

Soon Smriti Irani is planning to meet the parents of this year’s topper to know whether they have applied for re-evaluation of the answer scripts where score is less than 100.

CBSE chairman, who was hoping this year, someone will hit cent percent score, is in a state of shock. He spoke to us on the condition of anonymity. “It would be difficult for me to comment on the difficulty level of question paper or the integrity of examiners who checked the answer papers of these two toppers. Our ambition is to make sure the question paper difficulty level eases year on year basis so that quickly someone scores 500 out 500. I have also instructed examiners to factor inflation while giving marks.”

Mr. Chairman added further, “Taking these factors in to consideration, CBSE vision document states by 2030 at least 50% student will be able to score 100 out of 100 in all subjects. By 2050, all those who are not able to score 100 percent overall will be considered as failures.”

CBSE chairman who is going to retire soon has assured HRD minister that he has called for the answer scripts of both the year’s toppers. He will personally re-evaluate the papers to normalize the performance of both. If there is a need he will take help from IIN to double check the correct answers.