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Make in India election campaign dominates US presidential debate as Donald Trump calls Hillary 'Chudail'

14, Oct 2015 By @jurnoleast

Washington: The US presidential campaign found an Indian connection and it’s not about candidates with Indian roots. Apparently, PM Modi’s pitch during his visit to US a few weeks back for ‘Make in India’ seems to be bearing fruit after clear references to India were seen dominating presidential debates.

Donald Trump mocking Hillary Clinton by calling her a chudail
Donald Trump mocking Hillary Clinton by calling her a chudail

The first instance of this domination was found when Republican candidate Donald Trump took to twitter to express his views on the Democratic Presidential Debate and ended up calling Hillary Clinton a ‘chudail’.

Late last night Mr. Trump tweeted, “What a boring debate by Hillary Clinton. Do you really want to vote for this ‘Chudail’?

Our reporter spoke to a source close to Donald Trump in an attempt to get more information on Mr. Trump’s strategy for the presidential elections. The source under condition of anonymity said, “Mr. Trump has been closely following Bihar elections and has been influenced by the way candidates indulge in name calling. He believes such name calling will not only give him the publicity he needs but also change the way people perceive his opponents.”

It has also been reported that Mr. Trump has hired a tutor to get the pronunciation correct so that he doesn’t sound like a fool on TV when he says these words.

“Yes it’s true; I have been training him for the past few months. I have also given him a book on ‘common Indian abuses’ which he carries along for all TV interviews and debates,” said Umesh Yadav, who is part of the team that handles Donald Trump’s election campaign.

It seems the trend has caught on with other politicians also. Democratic candidates were seen calling Donald Trump a ‘shaitaan’.

“Look at his hair, he looks like a narbhakshi(cannibal) and nothing less than a shaitaan. I urge American people to fight against such monsters,” said a democrat as he said a few hindi words in his American accent.