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Mallika Sherawat’s father asks Modi to keep a watch on his daughter

18, Nov 2013 By Vipul K Rawal

Ahmedabad. After BJP claimed that the Government of Gujarat was snooping on a woman following requests from her father who feared for her safety, another worried father has decided to approach the Gujarat government.

Sources tell Faking News that BJP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi got a call on his personal phone around 3 AM today.

Mallika Sherawat
Many activists criticized Mallka for laughing when she should be dead serious and raising a hell

Modi was surprised to find that the person on the other end claimed international actress Mallika Sherawat’s daddy, who wanted a vigilant eye to be kept on her daughter.

According to sources, the Gujarat CM immediately called up his top lieutenant Amit Shah and asked him to do the needful. He also made a call to his PR agency so that this news was broken to media by his PR agency and not by Congress leaders.

When this reporter contacted Mallika’s father, he admitted to have put in that request.

“I am very worried about her. Look at the type of shows she is doing, and the lifestyle she is leading. I can’t keep an eye over her as I’ve other things to do. Fortunately we have a leader who can get such things done,” he said.

Mallika’s father rejected criticisms that he was being dictatorial. “Which law says this?” he asked, “Which section of the IPC?”

Claiming that his request was perfectly legal, he further claimed that he was already in touch with Poonam Pandey’s father, who too wanted Modi to keep an eye over his daughter.

While the Government of Gujarat is reported to have ordered dozens of CDs featuring Mallika Sherawat and started work on the “project”, Congress has termed the whole episode “shameful”.

“What about the poor girl’s (Mallika’s) privacy?” Congress leader Ms. Jayanthi Natrajan asked.

“Has Mallika complained about her privacy? Who are Congress leaders to stop her from revealing anything?” a BJP leader retorted.

While both the parties continued to fight, Mallika Sherawat was getting busy to appear during prime time TV shootings debates tonight. When this reporter called her for comments, she started singing some song for Narendra Modi.

When this reporter tried to call up the Government of Gujarat, all lines were found busy. Sources say that many people – fathers, boyfriends, wives, politicians, and loan recovery agents – were putting in requests for following people they were interested in.