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Mamata Banerjee to sport Indira look to improve her chance of becoming PM

06, Feb 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mamata Banerjee was seen taking on government agencies like CBI a few days ago. This has attracted criticism as well as praises from different sections of the society.


Many opposition leaders also believe that Mamata is second Indira in the making and in order to make them happy she has decided to sport the Indira Gandhi look till 2019 Loksabha elections get over.

But what is the need for this look? We got the answer from ex quizmaster and member of TMC Derek O brian. Derek said, “Everyone knows the strong leader that Indiraji was. She never bowed down in front of court, CBI or police just like Mamata ji is doing right now. Also despite using dictating tactics, Indira Gandhi was usually forgiven by the people. Mamata sporting Indiraji’s look will also result in the same and will improve her chances of becoming PM”.

Though Congress isn’t very happy hearing this news. Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala in a Press Conference said, “Why go for an artificial Indira when we already have the real one (Priyanka Gandhi)? We can make her PM candidate and everyone should work towards making her win. As far as the lack of Indira’ attitude in Priyanka is concerned we can train her just like we did in Rahul Gandhi’s case”.

Though everyone is bamboozled by this announcement by Mamata, there are some tensed faces in the establishment hearing that another Indira Gandhi might be around the corner.