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Mamata govt exempts people wearing blue jeans and white shirt from following traffic rules

10, Jun 2014 By idiot420

Kolkata. After giving full waiver of property tax to those who use Mamata’s favourite color – white and sky blue – to paint their houses, West Bengal government has now exempted people wearing blue jeans and white shirt from following traffic rules.

Justifying her decision, CM Mamata Banerjee reiterated her statement that blue and white signifies happiness. “We are determined to make West Bengal the happiest place on Earth, and our initiative is a small step toward achieving our goal,” said Mamata.

Spreading happiness.

Bengal government is on painting drive ever since TMC came to power as they strongly believe that color change is going to uplift situation of the state. “Money and capitalism can’t buy true happiness,” Mamata added further.

On being reminded that allowing people to break traffic rules will create chaos at traffic signals, a government official accompanying Mamata explained that people spreading happiness deserved to move freely across the city. “Who are we to stop them?” questioned the official.

Reportedly, the core idea behind giving traffic rule exemption is to promote more and more people to wear blue and white, which will bring the much needed poribartan in the state.

“Earlier we were concentrating on painting buildings and flyovers, but thanks to Mamata Didi, the idea of utilizing our huge population came to our mind,” disclosed a close aide of Bengal Chief Minister.

In future, state government is planning to bring more of such attractive offers for people wearing blue and white. Sources say that the government is mulling over a proposal to give them discount on cigarettes and tea.

In fact, one of the revolutionaries ideas being considered is changing the traffic lights, especially the red light, which irritates and angers Mamata Didi the most. Green, Blue, and White could be the new traffic lights, unconfirmed sources tell Faking News.

Meanwhile, for the purpose of safety, criminals across the state are mulling over the idea of wearing blue and white dress while committing crimes.