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Man expresses love for Gobhi Manchurian, asked to go live in China

06, Nov 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: In yet another case of rising intolerance in the country, a Ghatkopar resident by name Ratan Kanchewala has been asked to go and stay in China because he openly expressed his deep love for Gobhi Manchurian.

Gobi Manchurian lovers are next in line to face intolerence
Gobi Manchurian lovers are next in line to face intolerance

This incident apparently took place when Ratan was devouring Gobhi Manchurian and Paneer Chilly at a local Chinese restaurant Wing Chui. After nibbling the last pieces of Manchurian in his plate he screamed loudly, “Oh God, I love Gobhi Manchurian and the Chili sauce with it.”

He was suddenly surrounded by a group of people who pointed fingers at him and asked him to immediately leave the country and go to China.

“I was sad, I was frustrated,” Ratan later told reporters.

“I felt I was being targeted for being a Gobhi Manchurian lover. Some of them said I stay in India but my brains stay in China. How is that even possible? I felt sad at the sky-rocketing intolerance in the country. Where are the good old days? Mr. Modi, please give us the good old days back,” Ratan wiped a tear from his eye.

Ratan’s friend Jatin who was with him when this incident took place said – “We don’t know who those people were? They did not show any signs of any religious attachment. Although one of them had something red on his forehead. I think it was a pimple, but maybe it was a tilak. But he also had a big beard so, I don’t know, maybe they were extremists belonging to one religion, or several.”

While Ratan has decided not to report this matter to police as of now and is only giving multiple interviews to media with different versions of this story, many experts have expressed grave concerns around rising intolerance in the country.

Rajesh Balampuri a social activist said, “This is just ridiculous, first things first Gobhi Manchurian is not even a Chinese delicacy. It is entirely Indian. And even if it were one, the question is if someone loves pasta you will ask him to go to Italy, if someone loves Rajma Chawal, you will deport him to Mexico? What is this? Now since everyone loves to drink water let’s deport everyone to Pacific Ocean please.”