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Man files RTI to find out what exactly is Sheila Dixit responsible for

23, Jul 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi. A 30-year-old male from Mahipalpur here has filed an RTI application to find out the things Sheila Dixit is responsible for as Chief Minister of Delhi.

The applicant, Surender Sehrawat decided to file the application after he learned that Sheila Dixit was not responsible for the poor state of roads in the capital.

Speaking to Faking News, Mr. Sehrawat said, “Just like every year, I was cursing Sheila Dixit led Congress government after the roads in our village became rivers after a spell of rain, that’s when someone told me that I should be blaming BJP for the poor state of the roads as they control the municipal corporations. This got me thinking, what exactly is the responsibility of Delhi government.”

Sheila Dixit
Sheila Dixit pointing towards someone who could probably be responsible

“We know for a fact that Sheila Dixit is not responsible for law and order in Delhi, now we know that she isn’t responsible for civil infrastructure in the city. She wasn’t responsible for any irregularities in the organization of Commonwealth Games. I don’t want to receive this news in installments; I want to know the things she is responsible for so that I blame her only for those”, he went on to add.

Mr. Sehrawat’s sentiments were echoed by several Delhi residents we interviewed. A Vasant Vihar resident, Mrs. Vaishali Bansal said, “Surely raising prices of electricity is not her only responsibility. There must be more to that job. I am also curious to know what it is. Every time someone raises a problem in Delhi, she says it’s not her responsibility and we should go somewhere else. In fact, yesterday she said we should pray to the God to get rid of water-logging!”

“Why do we need a CM then?” Mrs. Bansal wondered

While a resident of Shahdara, Mr. Yatin Goyal said, “What is the use of asking now. She has won 3 elections and now people wonder what exactly she does as CM of Delhi? She blames everyone else, that’s what she does. Blame BJP, Blame God, Blame Kejriwal, isn’t blaming so many people a full time job?”

When we tried to get Sheila Dixit’s reaction on this, she snapped at us and said, “This responsibility was given to me by the high-command. I am not answerable to you.”