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Man resigns from AAP to join it later, so that it makes news

09, Jan 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After watching the kind of media coverage and importance these new joinees of Aam Aadmi Party are getting, an old worker of the party has decided to resign only to rejoin it later, so that even he makes news and gets the position he thinks he deserves.

He wishes to be the next cause of it.
He wishes to be the next cause of it.

“It has become a fad nowadays. Earlier this craze was about IIT or IIM placements, now it’s all about getting placed in AAP. People think joining the party gives them certificate of integrity,” the leader lashed out at the recent joinees and media, and warned if the trend continues we could soon see Sharad Pawar or Kalmadi joining it.

The party worker reportedly took this decision after somebody from media who had come to cover news of these new people joining AAP yesterday at their Kaushambi office asked him “Kaka yeh party ke saab log kahaan baithte hain?” He got so enraged that not only did he resign immediately, but also gave him address of the BJP office in the vicinity.

Saala, I was one first few ones to join AAP. I earned my place by struggling during our Jantar Mantar days, was part of the hunger strike, took lathis on me the marks of which still remain, got drowned in the water cannon and even went to jail on one occasion. But now any aera gaera naththu khaira is joining the party without having to go through all of this and is becoming more famous than us,” revealed the worker without confirming whom he was hinting at.

“Even I should have enjoyed my life and waited till results of Delhi assembly elections before taking the leap,” he quickly added regretting his decisions.

The man is further hopeful of getting senior and important roles in the party once he rejoins.

“The same way a professional leaves a company, goes to another company, and comes back to the original company to get a senior role,” said the man who now wants to make full use of the opportunity he lost earlier

“Who knows they could even make me the PM candidate?” he added.

Meanwhile AAP leaders, wary of people/celebs using it as a platform to get publicity and get into limelight, have decided to introduce entrance exams to tackle the high number of requests they are receiving on hourly basis. This exam will test how much a person is Aam Aadmi at heart and will ensure that those joining have pure intentions even if they lack knowledge of governance.