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Man starts "Quit AAP in 7 days" course after another senior leader quits party

05, Jun 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. With the number of people quitting AAP rising with every day and many expressing intent to overcome their AAP addiction, a business tycoon in the city has sensed a business opportunity.

The businessman, not yet accused of being an agent of Ambani or Adani, has decided to start crash course that will help AAP members and supporters quit the party.

The 36 years old entrepreneur Milind, an ex-AAP supporter himself, has claimed that it was not impossible to quit AAP.

In advanced stage of addiction.
In advanced stage of addiction.

“Many leaders like Shazia Ilim, Anjali Damania, etc. have shown to us that it is very much possible, provided one has the strong will power and desire to quit,” Milind said.

He claimed that his course will not only give tips on why one should quit AAP, but the week long residential program will also make the rehabilitation process smooth for them.

“I am sure like these senior leaders, there could be a huge number of people who must be in dilemma and unsure of whether to continue supporting AAP full time. We will make it easy for them, and help them get rid of the addiction before it’s too late,” he promised.

In true AAP style, Milind intends to send his team on a door-door campaign to reach out to potential AAP quitters.

“They may not be aware that they need this help, so it’s very important to educate them,” he claimed.

Milind is also in talks with ex-AAP leaders to rope them as guest lecturers.

Professors of the course would wear iron suit while giving lectures, as there is a high risk of eggs, chairs, stones, ink, etc. being thrown on them by supporters.

“At the peak of my addiction, I used to abuse and rant against at least 40-50 politicians, journalists, and industrialists everyday. I brought it down to 25 and then finally to just 2-3 in a day,” an ex-AAP leader who had agreed to join the coaching center as the first batch, shared his success story.

Milind assured that he would continue to observe his students even after the course gets over.

“My interaction with former AAP leaders tells me, that like any other addiction, there are withdrawal symptoms associated with this one too. One can’t resist calling everyone corrupt and seeing conspiracies in everything around. They have a tendency to do dharna over small-small things, like Arnab taking 3 minutes after promising a 2 minute commercial break,” Milind told Faking News.

“For that, we plan to surround these addicts with people close to them, who wouldn’t get offended being called corrupt, chor, etc., and thus won’t retaliate,” he explained how the course would tackle cynicism of the students.

Milind, however, conceded that it was impossible to help those who are still in denial mode, “They have moved on to advance stages of this addiction, and we have commissioned a high level research to look into it.”