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Man trips and falls down by accident in Kashmir, unidentified youth wave Pakistani flag

15, Sep 2015 By johnrj

Kashmir: After a series of events which caused the Pakistani flag to be waved randomly, it has come down to the flag again being waved due to a man falling down by mistake.

Pak flag being waved in Kashmir
Pak flag being waved in Kashmir

“All blockades and tripping objects are a conspiracy. They are hurting our brethren,” asserted an unidentified youth waving the flag.

“If some more people keep falling down, we will go to Pakistan,” he threatened.

Even after the man himself admitted that he fell by mistake, the protesters have become more vocal in their agitation against the country.

“Today he slipped and survived. Tomorrow he might slip and he might die how will India protect him? We will not let our brother speak at all. We will speak on his behalf,” he added.

The man who fell down however has escaped his ‘brothers’ clutches and has come forth to the media to explain that it was his mistake and nobody pushed him.

“First of all I am not even a Kashmiri, in fact not even a Muslim, so I don’t know why they want to speak for me,” said Yin Min Yong, who was visiting Kashmir from China.

“I was walking normally but I stepped on underwear made using the ISIS flag, so I ended up slipping and falling down. I don’t know why they are causing unnecessary problem,” he questioned.

Hearing about this reason, many sensible Muslim supporters have left the group of protesters, while others insisted that China was an ally of Pakistan and thus they had all rights to speak on the issue.

“We don’t care about them. Soon there will be some other reason and we will convince them to come join us again. We make sure we feel everyone is victimized by India so any reason will be enough for us. Till then we will keep waving Pakistan’s flag,” said another individual condemning people who decided to end protests.

Due to ISIS flags being used as chaddis by poor Kashmiri kids, the protesters are searching for extra flags, by which they can protest more vociferously.

“We are out of flags so we are willing to accept any others apart from the Indian flag to start protesting. We are in the process of creating some flags containing upside down vada pavs and dosas to rebel against India,” said a volunteer.

There are also some talks that if the temperature increases by some more degrees melting snow in Kashmir, Pakistani flag will again be waved to protest against this attack on Kashmiriyat.