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Man wearing saffron T shirt spotted in Gujarat, Modi blamed for rising saffronization in India

01, Jun 2015 By sailorsmoon

Vadodara. In a shocking incident of religious intolerance, a man in Gujarat was yesterday spotted wearing saffron T shirt. While some liberals termed it as danger to Idea of India, many of opposition parties’ MPs have already written a letter to POTUS asking him to dismiss Modi govt and takeover as caretaker PM to save minorities.

Congress has said that this is not the only case of blatant propagation of saffron-ism, it’s leader Digvijay Singh further taking up the argument presented a market research report that proves sale of saffron color clothes has shot by at least 600% since this new govt has taken over, ‘Isme RSS ka hath hai‘ he was heard saying to a group of reporters.

Liberals insist that Modi is saying that within 2 more years, he will complete saffronization of entire India.
Liberals insist that Modi is saying that within 2 more years, he will complete saffronization of entire India.

Quoting an incident of last week when a youth from a particular community was denied confirmed Tatkal Rail ticket, Congress has also alleged that minorities are being discriminated everywhere by govt and all this is done on behest of rising Hindutva forces in Modi’s India, though Railway ministry later in a press release clarified that this happened because there was no room in the train, this justification found no takers.

Meanwhile AAP has claimed that Adani has now started growing saffron on the land he took over last year in Kashmir and all this is done to directly or indirectly benefit him.

When the man in news here was contacted by our reporter, he explained that the color was orange not saffron and wondered over the uproar now as he bought the T shirt 4 years back and have put on same many times since then, “Now I am afraid of wearing any color as I don’t know what colors are fine with everyone around,” he said.

While due to extreme media pressure govt has ordered an inquiry to look into the matter, some political parties have planned a candlelight vigil at India Gate tonight to protest against this saffronization and protect the secular fabric of India.

Many of the eminent writers and filmmakers too have criticized govt unequivocally for not taking proper action against those who wear such colors that may disturb communal harmony, writer Karundhati Rai who presently is in Pakistan to research on it’s thriving democracy, said, “It is just the first reported case, India’s secularism has always been shallow.”

“You see in their flag they have saffron on the top, so this word saffronisation might be a neology but this has always been a part of their culture,” she told a Pakistani reporter.