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Mani Shankar Aiyar asks Rahul Gandhi to wash his hands after Modi clasped them

10, Jun 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar, who had still not recovered from the article written by colleague Shashi Tharoor effusively praising Modi, received another jolt yesterday, when he read news reports of Rahul Gandhi exchanging pleasantries with Modi with later clasping former’s hands warmly.

Ever since Tharoor wrote that article, Aiyar has been keeping a close watch on the conduct of other elected congress MPs as well.

The Rajya Sabha MP from Congress who lost recent elections, has been caught on several occasions by parliament staff trying to peep into the proceedings of Lok Sabha to see if those MPs are keeping a distance from Modi.

“Rahul Baba request you to please stay away from me”

If reports are to believed the veteran Modi critic is blessed and god gifted with the ability to smell and find if there is any proximity between Modi and any other Congress leader.

“The other day he was in canteen when one MP came out after a session. Aiyar ji immediately started sniffing that MP’s clothes and hands, as if trying to ascertain something. And before we could understand what was happening, he threw his tea on that MP blasting him,” Aiyar’s close aide told Faking News.

“It was later that we realized that the MP had shook hands with Modi,” the aide further revealed.

This time too Aiyar did not believe the news reports first, and decided to confirm it first hand.

Sources tell initially Aiyar was terribly incensed, but later realizing that it was Rahul Gandhi and not Tharoor whom he could blast, Aiyar cooled down.

“He had even brought an axe to chop off Rahul Gandhi’s hands as he felt that Gandhi scion was now infected and possessed danger to other congress leaders,” a staff of Congress headquarters disclosed.

But as the better sense prevailed, he profusely apologized to Rahul and requested him to wash his hands with Dettol and pure water before the diseases spreads.

As he could not find pure water inside parliament premises on short notice, he requested Sonia Gandhi to spare some gargled water.

Later to make up for his blunder of doubting Rahul Gandhi, Aiyar wrote another piece on NDTV, blaming Tharoor again and holding him responsible for the strange manner in which MPs have been behaving.