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Manish Tewari to walk with light-bulb to oppose Anna’s call to switch off lights

15, Aug 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Congress leader Manish Tewari has announced that he would be moving around in the streets of Delhi with a light-bulb to oppose Team Anna’s call to switch off lights between 8-9 PM tonight in support of Jan Lokpal Bill. Tewari has expressed hope and confidence that many more Congress leaders and activists would join him with lighted bulbs and tube-lights and defeat the nefarious designs of the “A Company”.

“Thousands of bulbs would come out and expose Anna,” Manish Tewari announced in a press conference holding out a 60-watt lighted light-bulb. The Congress spokesman further claimed that the call to switch off lights for an hour was “unconstitutional”.

Manish Tewari
Manish Tewari shows his weapon against Anna

Sources suggest that Tewari, a lawyer by profession, chose light-bulbs over traditional candle-lights as a mode of protest to differentiate himself from Anna supporters, who usually take out candle-light marches.

“It’s also raining in Delhi today so candle flames could get doused off,” a close aide of Manish Tewari explained the lucid thinking and strategizing skills of the Congress leader, who is climbing up the Congress ranks with a speed inversely proportional to the speed of his speech delivery.

Tewari was joined by Kapil Sibal and Digvijay Singh at the press conference, who declared that their supporters would come up with thousands of bright bulbs and tube-lights aimed at outshining Anna Hazare’s campaign.

“Anna is spreading darkness but Congress will show the light,” Sibal said.

Sibal also said that Congress workers will move around with light-bulbs in every locality of Delhi as it was the fundamental right of a citizen to protest.

Sibal also ridiculed Anna’s idea of switching off lights.

“Can he guarantee that it will end corruption?” Sibal asked.

Digvijay Singh also said something.

Faking News correspondent was asked to leave the press conference when he asked if the company supplying light-bulbs and tube-lights for the protest was the same that provided street-lights during the Commonwealth Games.