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Manmohan Singh becomes main character in computer game Mario

11, Jul 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After being on Time magazine’s cover, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is now featured in a special edition of the vintage computer game Mario. Named Mario Mohan Singh (MMS), the latest game character has the body of Mario and the face of Manmohan Singh.

To his relief, the appearance in the video game has not been accompanied by any judgmental statement like “The Underachiever” as was the case with the Time magazine appearance.

“It is just another Mario game with Manmohan Singh theme,” a Nintendo official clarified, “The level of achievement of MMS will depend upon the person who controls MMS. So no question of coming up with any tagline like ‘The Underachiever’ in our case!”

Video Game Mario
The latest Mario game

“MMS can’t do anything out of his own his own will, he’s just a game character,” he added.

Limited edition of the game has been released by consumer electronics company Nintendo, which is aimed at creating buzz in the Indian markets. Mario, the fictional character, was an Italian plumber but MMS is shown as an Indian farmer in the game.

The launch version of the game was gifted to UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, who is reported to have given favorable review.

“The control is very swift and MMS moves just the way I want,” Mrs. Gandhi told Faking News, after which she quickly went back to playing Mario.

Some Youth Congress workers, who had earlier gone to meet Mrs. Gandhi, confirmed that a cute Sardar like character has been eating mushrooms and collecting golden coins all the day for Madam Gandhi.

“Mario is still vulnerable to the turtles even in the India specific game,” a Nintendo game designer told Faking News, “For the MMS edition, we are referring to these turtles as GDP – slow moving and green i.e. dependent on agriculture.”

It’s not yet known if MMS in the new Mario game is also trying to rescue some princess as no one was able to finish the game when reports last came in.

Many people reported that even the best of the Mario players couldn’t help MMS kill the fireball throwing dragon, which was interpreted by some people as inflation. However others claimed that that the dragon was corruption, while a few identified it as Anna, and some even claimed it to be Modi.

“It’s an interesting game. We’d like to know if MMS is trying to save some princess or an aam aadmi, as the game’s booklet claims,” said one of the players who got to try the first release of the new Mario game.

(with vital inputs from special correspondent Mouthful)