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Manmohan Singh grabbed Nawaz Sharif by collar over Dehati Aurat remark

30, Sep 2013 By idiot420

Nawaz Sharif and Manmohan Singh
The unbelievable moment in the history of India-Pak relations

New York, USA. Pissed off with everyone pushing him around as if he were a football, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh reportedly grabbed Nawaz Sharif by the collar over latter’s “Dehati Aurat” remark.

The incident happened behind closed doors when the two Prime Ministers were supposed to have talks to solve bilateral issues. This was the reason why the two PMs didn’t appear in public together as Nawaz Sharif was too embarrassed to appear in public next to Dr. Singh.

Sources close to PMO revealed that after being insulted by Rahul Gandhi and Congress over the ordinance issue, Nawaz Sharif’s comment played the role of final blow to the Manmohan’s dam of patience, and the first person to get caught in the line of fire was Nawaz himself.

“I was stunned by his sudden attack. The anger and pain in his eyes, I could never forget them,” said Pakistani Prime Minister while having breakfast with this Faking News reporter, “My neck and ears are still hurting.”

If a Pakistani journalist, who ate all the six boiled eggs at the breakfast table, is to be believed, Nawaz Sharif begged for forgiveness and termed Manmohan Singh an “urban legend” before realizing that it was not what he wanted to convey.

“I mean, you are an urban dude who is legendary,” Nawaz Sharif tried to control the situation.

As last ditch attempt to pacify an angry Manmohan Singh, the Pakistani Prime Minister said that he looked up to the Indian Prime Minister as an inspiration and had his picture in his office.

“Whenever I feel the pressure about terror activities on Pakistani soil, I remember you and tell me how you dealt with the pressure about corruption on Indian soil,” Nawaz is reported to have extolled Manmohan Singh.

Nawaz Sharif was finally able to pacify Dr. Singh after he did 100 sit-ups holding his own ears. Sources say that Dr. Singh insisted that Nawaz also goes through the Murga punishment, but a peaceful resolution was adopted soon after.

The incident has sent shockwaves back home as the Congress party is not sure if Manmohan Singh should be allowed an audience with Rahul Gandhi.

“Maybe we will send a lookalike of Rahul ji to make sure no physical injuries is sustained by the youth icon,” a Congress leader said.

While the party is concerned about Rahul Gandhi’s well-being, it believes it’s a good sign. “Last time he had developed six-pack abs before the 2009 general elections and we won!” pointed out the Congress leader.